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Story Of The Artist

Hello, I'm Zj

Old men….I have always been fascinated by them, I can watch an image of an old man for hours as if I was watching a movie that has a story to tell. Would you believe that I watched Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter movies more than 50 times just to watch all the old men that are in them?, I did.

I don’t have a degree in art, I’m just a self-taught artist and a husband to my caring wife which I'm married to for almost 20 years now. 

My favorite artist is Alan Lee who did sketches for The Lord of the Rings movies. 

About My Work

All my original works are digitally painted. I painted them using single layer only without any photo manipulation, just like in traditional paintings. You can see the imperfections in my paintings.

I don't paint a particular subject as it is, I meant realistically, rather I paint it as I see it...what it would be like in my mind and the way I felt about it. Well like I said I'm a self-taught artist and not an expert in the fine art world, it's just the way I paint. I could not describe the feeling that I felt when I'm painting, it is as if I was in another land or a different world at that moment, and it's addictive. I like to let my imaginations run wild and absorb as much of the feelings that I can while I'm painting.

Why I Love to Paint

Ever since I was little I would just draw whenever I had the chance, in classroom, at home, even at family gatherings. One might say that I’m a bit of a loner or reclusive as I like to be by myself and just draw, even now. I never understood then what drives me to do art, to paint, to draw as I did. As I grew older the meaning of why I did it became clearer and came to an understanding what’s inside of me.

Painting is relaxing, it brings calmness in me and most of all it helps me being more focus while ignoring the distracting things around me. There are lots of things happening while I’m painting, I would go into a deep state of thinking as my thoughts and feelings focusing on the unanswered questions that I have, and being patience, as all will be revealed in time, just like the art itself, like my paintings gradually in the end it became a finished image in which I can see.

I love art and painting because it makes me closer to God. Realizing the magnificent art and things He created throughout the whole world and I can only do so little of it compared to His, makes me feel so tiny and small in front of his power, greatness and understanding.

To express my feelings without using words but by creating images in my painting is something that is so overwhelming every time, and so satisfying that it makes me couldn’t stop continue making it throughout the years of my life. Art is so quiet yet so loud as it gives a powerful impact to other people who see it.

I love to paint because it makes me a better person and it makes me calm so I can see more clearly and many times it changes the understanding of my perspective on things. Art isn’t about prettiness and just beauty alone, it’s more than that, it’s something more powerful that communicates to us that sometimes we just can’t express by words or verbally.

Why I Like to Paint Old Man

Why do I like to paint old man? I painted a lot of things throughout my life but I kept coming back painting old men most of the time and why is this, it’s because I felt the most satisfaction within myself when I paint them. Whenever I want to get an inspiration to paint I would stare at an image that has a face of an old man, and every time, the mood to start painting will come automatically.

My fascination with old people started when I was a teenager, you might say I was already old when I was young. Faces of old men speaks to me, it’s about the curves and the lines and the whole appearance of the face itself intrigues me, but what is important to me is that it has character and as if it was telling me a story about life, happiness, sadness, suffering and so on…well it’s hard for me to explain everything in words but that is just how I felt.

I love to watch movies that have old men as main characters in them like Alec Guinness in the movie Star Wars, Sean Connery in The Name of the Rose, Gary Oldman in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, to name a few.

I tried many, many times to paint younger men’s faces but I can’t and by the end of it I would make them all looked old, only then will I be satisfied. My wife used to look at my old men’s paintings sometimes, and she would always say “they all look just like you” and left, and I never once asked her why.

I really could not explain in words or in details why I like to paint them or why the subject appeal to me the most, maybe I saw the sadness in their faces, maybe the calmness, the suffering, the grumpiness or maybe I just see myself in them, or all of that combined.

My Opinion About Art

What is art? From what I understand art is subjective and not about objective quality. Art is about how one expresses oneself. Even bad art is called art. Some people may like your painting and some don’t but that doesn’t mean when people don’t like your painting then your painting is not an art, it’s still art whether they like it or not.

I used to hear before that a lot of the Art Professors would not considered anime drawings and paintings as art. Just because they don’t follow Da Vinci, Rembrandt and the other old masters style of paintings, then they are not art?, I totally disagree with this. I believe when an individual poured or expressed his or her feelings onto something like paper, wood, rocks and other material things or even just acting out it automatically becomes art, the only questions left is whether it’s a beautiful, pretty or an ugly art, if it looks ugly to you then don’t buy it, don’t even like it, but don’t call it ‘this is not an art’. Even children’s drawings are art by themselves.

I would like to believe if Da Vinci or Rembrandt were alive today in the 21st century maybe they would see art in a different way, hell they may even take up the offer by a multi billion dollars company like Sony or Electronic Arts EA to be the head of their video games graphic department if it were offered to them and if the salary is good, what would those Art Professors say then?

Anyway, I have been painting all my life and never thought of selling my artworks before. After nearly 50 years of my life this is the first time I'm offering my works for sale as Digital Downloads for Fine Art Prints.

I'm glad that you stopped by and thank you for checking out my paintings.


March 28th 2018